Awesome New Leg

June 14, 2014 § 1 Comment

Hey everyone, it’s been forever!

A few months ago we scheduled an appointment to fit Sawyer’s new leg and pretty much immediately went out to find a new tattoo aka fabric design for the new one.

So we stopped at a fabric store to look around…




Daddy trying to push Star Wars…





Sawyer trying to decide…


And this is the winner


“Hey what’s this?…”


“I’m just gonna go ahead and pull that out”


So we bought half a yard (of the perfectly fitting fabric for our crazy 3 year old) and  took it to Shriners with us at our next appointment…

Here are the end results.


We love it, the guys at Shriners love it and most importantly, Sawyer loves it.

They wanted us to play around with him and have him walk around in it for a while before we left to make sure everything fit properly. He took off running once we got outside. We all thought he was fast before…



Anyway, We are all pretty excited about it. Turned out great and fits like a glove.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks for readin’



Planes, Legs and Bama Gr’ma

October 5, 2012 § 2 Comments

I figured it was time to write a little something about our trip to Mobile. 

The flights to Mobile were pretty uneventful. When the day starts at 2:30 in the morning, that tends to happen. Sawyer slept the entire way to Houston, (3 hours and 45 minutes) woke up when we were starting to descend. He loved it. Looked out the window the whole way down. Then from Houston to Mobile we were in row 4  so we had a lot of leg room. He sat on the floor, played with his toys and read a few books, then we were there.  



Time with Great Grandma was great. They loved each other. He provided a lot of laughs for everyone. Used her walker to test out the new leg.

He also spent a lot of time with Great Uncle Doug and Great Aunt Cindy. 









We took a trip down to the bay and Orange Beach and then had lunch at Tacky Jacks. 



The rest of the time was spent hangin around the house with Gr’ma 



Checking out the yard 





He played at the Watermelon Patch (so want to open one here) 



…. The plane from Mobile to Houston is one of those small commuter planes, so you basically have to check everything. As we walk off the plane, both my mom and I hear a huge thud behind me on the ground. After I get a little way up the ramp I turn around and see Sawyer’s leg laying on the ground… Everyone waiting for their bags looks around with a look of shock on their face, the woman that works for the airline bends down to pick it up but then hesitates, seeing that it’s a leg.. I quickly walk back and pick it up and say “Oh! It’s okay, it’s just his leg!” as if this is a perfectly normal thing to say. I guess in my world it is a normal thing to say but to someone else.. seeing a one year old’s leg laying on the floor could be a little startling.  

I quickly put his leg back on while we wait for his stroller from gate check. My Mom and I start to see the hilarity in what just happened and we start cracking up which completely freaks everyone out even more and that just makes it more funny to me.. so I of course start laughing harder. 

All in all it was a really good trip and we only had the one malfunction. I really hope those people got a little laugh out of what happened. A little excitement to a day of travel…. 


Until next time 🙂 

The New Leg is a Success!!

September 21, 2012 § 7 Comments

We’ve got it and he’s LOVING it. 

As soon as we put it on we set him on the floor and let him be. At first he didn’t really notice.. he was just playing with the toys and then he started kicking his leg on the ground and staring at it. 


While I held him he took a few steps toward “Dan the Prosthetic’s Guys” (as I like to call him.) We all got way excited.  


He’s been busy taking steps and still crawling like a maniac. Nothing slows this kid down….Darn-it 😉  



The foot is a pretty hard rubber, so he will definitely need to get used to the weight. He starts out with huge steps and then adjusts. Just like any kid learning how to walk, he’s gonna look a little drunk. 

I love seeing him able to stand on both legs at the same time and at normal height and start to walk… like he SO wanted to. 

He’s barely sat down since we’ve been home. Standing as much as he can. 

I was warned that when he’s outside he has to wear shoes and I can’t put his foot next to anything printed.. because it will transfer. 

He’s acting like it’s been there all along. I think they might already be best friends. 

You can’t see the blue with stars very well because of the suspension sock. You can see a little sliver of it. The suspension sock will go away once he gets older and stops crawling.


Until next time! 

Another Fitting and a Trial Run

August 16, 2012 § 3 Comments

This morning we had a very early appointment with Dan the prosthetic’s guy at Shriner’s.

He adjusted the cup part that will fit around Sawyer’s leg and then attached a foot to the bottom.

We waited about a half hour..


He didn’t seem to mind. Just hauled ass around the room a bunch and then ate some snacks.

When he finally tried it on.. he was pissed…


The blurry picture tells you just how pissed he was.

After a minute we sat him down and he checked things out


He looked at his new right leg, grabbed the foot a few times and then looked at his left leg, then back at the right. Processing. 


Then he was pissed again..


He tried to crawl over to me at this point and it was pretty much like a cat with a rubber band on it’s foot or a dog with booties on. Nope, wasn’t funny at all 😉

Then he was curious again,


Needless to say, it’s going to take a little bit for him to get used to it.

The screw removal surgery is on August 22nd. While that is going on we will go over to Prosthetics and pick up his permanent leg. Can’t wait for you all to see that one!

The foot according to Dan, will be a newer better looking one. The leg portion will be a light blue fabric with little dark blue stars on it. Starting out right with a full leg tat 😉

His response to the leg is completely normal he said. I honestly had no idea what to expect. Dan said some kids will take the leg or arm off and throw it and then every time they see it they will cry.

Once we get it home we will have Sawyer play with it and become familiar with it and then he will start to depend on it, like he should.

Until next time!

Measured and Molded

July 30, 2012 § 1 Comment

Today we made a trip down to Shriners again for Sawyer’s prosthetic fitting.

He measured and molded his leg and talked to us about what it will be made of and what he will wear underneath.

Here is what his foot will look like.

There are choices on the kind of leg they will attach and since Sawyer can’t make the decision right now, we have to do it for him.

This is one option: ( Not the best visual, but it’s all I could find. I was dumb and forgot to take pictures of the one he showed us today. It will be A LOT smaller than this.. you know, like a baby leg..)

All of the metal parts will be covered and it will look like his other leg. The foot will look like the picture above this one. Or it will be a Bionic looking leg. Basically like a metal post attached to the same foot.

I would like it to be covered.. but of course Brian wants it to be Bionic. Because well… he’s Brian. Haha. So we will see what Saw ends up with until he can make his own decisions.

We go back on August 15th at 9am. The leg will be clear so they can see everything. Where his leg sits inside his prosthetic. He will get to stand on two legs at the same time, for the first time in months. Can’t wait to see that reaction or if he will just go about his business. I bought shoes a few months ago, before his surgery because I just couldn’t help it.

Many pictures will be taken, I’m sure. Then you will see what his leg will actually look like.

Sawyer is back to drooling like crazy. He’s soaked… ALL the time. Hopefully those teeth will pop through soon and we will be back to the dry life we were all loving. At least Sophie the Giraffe is getting good use again, so are his fingers.


Anyways, back to my current obsession: the Olympics.

The Cast is Off!!

July 10, 2012 § 1 Comment

….. So last week we were supposed to get his cast off. I had my alarm set and everything ready to go. Then I looked at my phone calendar and he was supposed to get it off on July 2nd… it was July 3rd when I looked. Damnit. So I had a little bit.. okay a lot a bit of a freak out, then called Shriners and told them what happened. If you’ve ever been to Shriners.. you know just how hard it is to get an appointment. The doctors aren’t there every day like your normal doctors office.. but I got over it. It’s not like we missed the surgery. What’s one more week to let his leg heal.

We made it in there today, 45 minutes early for the appointment. Went right into the “Cast Room” and he fired up the saw.. Sawyer was terrified, but moved on quite quickly after we shoved puffs in his face. I know, we are awesome parents..

To be entirely honest.. his leg looked pretty gross. Lots of dry skin and it basically just looked like it had been in a cast for 6 weeks. I will spare you those pictures 😉 Sawyer was loving it, wouldn’t stop moving his leg up and down and all around.

The “Cast Guy” walked us down to the X-ray room and we only waited a few minutes. Both Brian and I were completely at a loss on how careful we were supposed to be with his leg. Since it wasn’t bothering Sawyer, we figured everything was fine.


Here is the x-ray (obviously). The screw will come out in about 1- 2 1/2 months. They will make an incision and literally unscrew it. It’s a same day surgery so we will get to go home that night. He will most likely only need Tylenol so that’s also a plus… as funny as the Morphine was.


Here is his leg after I cleaned it up a little bit. He will be getting a bath tonight (YES!) and a lot of good extra moisturizing lotion and I’m sure it will look better in no time.

The look of his leg definitely takes some getting used to. I’m still a little nervous to touch it.. I’m sure that will also pass pretty quickly.

They gave us a couple of “shrink socks” to help with the rest of the swelling and help get rid of some of the dry skin. His surgeon says his leg looks really good, everything looks like it’s healing correctly.

So within the next two weeks we will go in and get him fitted for a prosthetic!

My legs and back with get a nice break from that heavy cast. My bruises should start healing quickly now. Haha 😉 No more scratches on the furniture and floors. It’s an all around plus!

Until next time!

The Past 5 Weeks….

July 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

Sawyer gets his cast off tomorrow afternoon at 2:45pm.

What?! Hard to believe it’s already been 5 weeks since his surgery. This has in no way slowed him down. As my mom says.. if he could talk, he would say ” What cast!?”

The complete opposite of how we thought it would be. I figured he would be sitting for 5 weeks and we would be struggling to find things to keep him busy. That is definitely not the case. Half the time I have a hard time catching him.

I turn my back for second and he’s gotten into 5 different things.. just like any other one year old.

We’ve only had one major incident.. when his cast fell off..


There it is.. the first cast… before it decided to fall off..

We were at the doc for his 12 month check up and a few shots. You would think, hey you were at the doctor, at least you were there! …. You would think…

She had to take off the belt that holds the cast on so she could check everything out in the “under the diaper area.” I had done it a thousand times by then.. Oh yeah sure no big deal.. That’s when it happened.  As soon as we unsnapped it, his cast went sliding right off. Of course my immediate reaction was to put it back on and his doctors was also.. but upside down. (His knee is bent like you can see you in all the pictures.) I mean no ones knee bends like that.. that just doesn’t happen! You’re a doctor.. you should know these things!

So finally after 5 seconds of gruesome thoughts flying through my head, I yelled at her to stop and told her I would do it. But hey, at least I got to see his leg!

After a panicked call to my mom, she saved the day by calling Shriners and informed them of what happened. We drove right down and they put a new cast on. This one fits much better than the first. Since his leg was so swollen right after the surgery it was much bigger.

He had an awesome first birthday


Went on a hike..


And as this picture above was uploading he slid right off the couch and onto his foot for the first time. How flippin awesome is that. Yes, I do think everything Saw does is the coolest thing that’s ever happened.

Thanks to Mo, he’s learning how to snap. I don’t think I even knew how to snap until I was 14.

He feeds himself with a fork and spoon and occasionally tries to eat my arms and legs.. I will be the happiest person ever when he’s finished teething.

I will update everyone tomorrow on how the cast removal went and post a picture of his new leg.

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