Trip to Kaiser

April 19, 2012 § 2 Comments

This morning we made a trip down to Kaiser so their hand and upper extremity surgeon, Dr. Kinnucan, could take a look at Sawyer’s hand.

After Saw’s last appointment at Shriner’s we were pretty unsatisfied and wanted to get a second opinion, and we are definitely glad we did.

We asked our 20 questions; Is his hand growing, is his arm growing normally, will we ever be able to do anything to “fix” his fingers so he can bend them and so on. Then she asked hers; is he pulling himself up, crawling, putting food in his mouth with finger and thumb. We gladly answered yes to all.

Dr. Kinnucan then took a look at his hand and suggested that they take another X-ray. So we walked over, sat in the waiting area behind three other people, Sawyer immediately became the Ham he is and made everyone laugh. When it was our turn we walked in, sat down and walked out not even 5 minutes later. Nice job bud!

Let me just say right now that I love Youtube.. without the help of The Shapes Song and Alphabubblies Jumping, the wait to see the doctor again.. would have sucked.

So to get to the point of why you’re all reading. Dr. Kinnucan discovered that the pinky on his left hand only has 2 phalanges,( bones in the fingers) the distal ( tip) and the proximal ( closest to the hand) and there is a little tiny spot on the x-ray that could either be the under developed intermediate phalange (middle) or a growth plate. If it happens to be a growth plate they will need to operate and take that out so his finger doesn’t grow sideways.

His ulna and radius appear to be growing normally,  but the ulna is a little behind. His fused fingers may not have tendons and that could be one of the reasons why he can’t bend them.  He will get another x-ray in 6 months to make sure everything is okay.

She said it is a possibility that they could take the fused fingers and make it a thumb or remove one of them and then he would use a prosthetic thumb.

In the near future we will be looking into a cybernetic hand prosthesis. Then he would be even more of a badass and get all the best ladies.

He finally likes grass. He even tried eating it. Realized it didn’t really taste that great and started gagging on it trying to get it out..

Thanks for taking the time to read. Until next time!


§ 2 Responses to Trip to Kaiser

  • Love, Auntie Shannon says:

    I am glad the doctors appointment for his hand went well today! 🙂 Watching him grow up has been the most amazing thing EVER. You and Brian have come so far through so much, and Sawyer is THE LUCKIEST kid to have such amazing parents as you two! I am so proud of the team you three have become. Here’s to many more life adventures 😉 I LOVE ALL 3 OF YOU SO MUCH!! ❤

  • Marilyn lawler says:

    Sawyer is getting so big! What a cutie! I bet he loves his Auntie to bits…………………….

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