May 23rd

May 14, 2012 § 1 Comment

So today while I was giving Sawyer a bath, I received a call from Shriners, as soon as I saw who was calling my heart dropped. I definitely thought they would be pushing the surgery back again. To my surprise she asked how May 23rd would work for us. UM, YES! Let’s do this!

After I dried him off and lotioned him up, I sent out texts and phone calls…. and then I started to freak out. As I told my sister in law, there will be a lot of yoga and most definitely the occasional freak out in my near future but it’s all for the best because we are that much closer to him standing on his own and eventually walking.

So, we will be getting a call the morning before the surgery letting us know what time the surgery is and what time to arrive.

He will be in the hospital for 3 days. Not sure if that means he will be coming home on Saturday or Sunday, depending on the time of the surgery. I will keep everyone up to date and I will be taking a lot of pictures, I’m sure.

…. Now who has a cigarette..?!


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  • Shannon says:

    My Sweet Sissy-In-Law, I got your back! 😉 I love you 3 VERY MUCH! I told you that I would have those days for his surgery off, but now since it’s next week I can’t take off work. But the very second all my work is done on both days I will be right there next to you! Just like when he was born 😉 With all the support of your family and friends you 3 WILL get through this stressful time ON TOP 🙂 I think we all might need to invest in some running shoes 😉 I think Sawyer is going to be running circles around us sooner than we think! 🙂 I love you 3 VERY MUCH! ❤

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