The Past 5 Weeks….

July 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

Sawyer gets his cast off tomorrow afternoon at 2:45pm.

What?! Hard to believe it’s already been 5 weeks since his surgery. This has in no way slowed him down. As my mom says.. if he could talk, he would say ” What cast!?”

The complete opposite of how we thought it would be. I figured he would be sitting for 5 weeks and we would be struggling to find things to keep him busy. That is definitely not the case. Half the time I have a hard time catching him.

I turn my back for second and he’s gotten into 5 different things.. just like any other one year old.

We’ve only had one major incident.. when his cast fell off..


There it is.. the first cast… before it decided to fall off..

We were at the doc for his 12 month check up and a few shots. You would think, hey you were at the doctor, at least you were there! …. You would think…

She had to take off the belt that holds the cast on so she could check everything out in the “under the diaper area.” I had done it a thousand times by then.. Oh yeah sure no big deal.. That’s when it happened.  As soon as we unsnapped it, his cast went sliding right off. Of course my immediate reaction was to put it back on and his doctors was also.. but upside down. (His knee is bent like you can see you in all the pictures.) I mean no ones knee bends like that.. that just doesn’t happen! You’re a doctor.. you should know these things!

So finally after 5 seconds of gruesome thoughts flying through my head, I yelled at her to stop and told her I would do it. But hey, at least I got to see his leg!

After a panicked call to my mom, she saved the day by calling Shriners and informed them of what happened. We drove right down and they put a new cast on. This one fits much better than the first. Since his leg was so swollen right after the surgery it was much bigger.

He had an awesome first birthday


Went on a hike..


And as this picture above was uploading he slid right off the couch and onto his foot for the first time. How flippin awesome is that. Yes, I do think everything Saw does is the coolest thing that’s ever happened.

Thanks to Mo, he’s learning how to snap. I don’t think I even knew how to snap until I was 14.

He feeds himself with a fork and spoon and occasionally tries to eat my arms and legs.. I will be the happiest person ever when he’s finished teething.

I will update everyone tomorrow on how the cast removal went and post a picture of his new leg.


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