The Cast is Off!!

July 10, 2012 § 1 Comment

….. So last week we were supposed to get his cast off. I had my alarm set and everything ready to go. Then I looked at my phone calendar and he was supposed to get it off on July 2nd… it was July 3rd when I looked. Damnit. So I had a little bit.. okay a lot a bit of a freak out, then called Shriners and told them what happened. If you’ve ever been to Shriners.. you know just how hard it is to get an appointment. The doctors aren’t there every day like your normal doctors office.. but I got over it. It’s not like we missed the surgery. What’s one more week to let his leg heal.

We made it in there today, 45 minutes early for the appointment. Went right into the “Cast Room” and he fired up the saw.. Sawyer was terrified, but moved on quite quickly after we shoved puffs in his face. I know, we are awesome parents..

To be entirely honest.. his leg looked pretty gross. Lots of dry skin and it basically just looked like it had been in a cast for 6 weeks. I will spare you those pictures 😉 Sawyer was loving it, wouldn’t stop moving his leg up and down and all around.

The “Cast Guy” walked us down to the X-ray room and we only waited a few minutes. Both Brian and I were completely at a loss on how careful we were supposed to be with his leg. Since it wasn’t bothering Sawyer, we figured everything was fine.


Here is the x-ray (obviously). The screw will come out in about 1- 2 1/2 months. They will make an incision and literally unscrew it. It’s a same day surgery so we will get to go home that night. He will most likely only need Tylenol so that’s also a plus… as funny as the Morphine was.


Here is his leg after I cleaned it up a little bit. He will be getting a bath tonight (YES!) and a lot of good extra moisturizing lotion and I’m sure it will look better in no time.

The look of his leg definitely takes some getting used to. I’m still a little nervous to touch it.. I’m sure that will also pass pretty quickly.

They gave us a couple of “shrink socks” to help with the rest of the swelling and help get rid of some of the dry skin. His surgeon says his leg looks really good, everything looks like it’s healing correctly.

So within the next two weeks we will go in and get him fitted for a prosthetic!

My legs and back with get a nice break from that heavy cast. My bruises should start healing quickly now. Haha 😉 No more scratches on the furniture and floors. It’s an all around plus!

Until next time!


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