Measured and Molded

July 30, 2012 § 1 Comment

Today we made a trip down to Shriners again for Sawyer’s prosthetic fitting.

He measured and molded his leg and talked to us about what it will be made of and what he will wear underneath.

Here is what his foot will look like.

There are choices on the kind of leg they will attach and since Sawyer can’t make the decision right now, we have to do it for him.

This is one option: ( Not the best visual, but it’s all I could find. I was dumb and forgot to take pictures of the one he showed us today. It will be A LOT smaller than this.. you know, like a baby leg..)

All of the metal parts will be covered and it will look like his other leg. The foot will look like the picture above this one. Or it will be a Bionic looking leg. Basically like a metal post attached to the same foot.

I would like it to be covered.. but of course Brian wants it to be Bionic. Because well… he’s Brian. Haha. So we will see what Saw ends up with until he can make his own decisions.

We go back on August 15th at 9am. The leg will be clear so they can see everything. Where his leg sits inside his prosthetic. He will get to stand on two legs at the same time, for the first time in months. Can’t wait to see that reaction or if he will just go about his business. I bought shoes a few months ago, before his surgery because I just couldn’t help it.

Many pictures will be taken, I’m sure. Then you will see what his leg will actually look like.

Sawyer is back to drooling like crazy. He’s soaked… ALL the time. Hopefully those teeth will pop through soon and we will be back to the dry life we were all loving. At least Sophie the Giraffe is getting good use again, so are his fingers.


Anyways, back to my current obsession: the Olympics.


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