The New Leg is a Success!!

September 21, 2012 § 7 Comments

We’ve got it and he’s LOVING it. 

As soon as we put it on we set him on the floor and let him be. At first he didn’t really notice.. he was just playing with the toys and then he started kicking his leg on the ground and staring at it. 


While I held him he took a few steps toward “Dan the Prosthetic’s Guys” (as I like to call him.) We all got way excited.  


He’s been busy taking steps and still crawling like a maniac. Nothing slows this kid down….Darn-it 😉  



The foot is a pretty hard rubber, so he will definitely need to get used to the weight. He starts out with huge steps and then adjusts. Just like any kid learning how to walk, he’s gonna look a little drunk. 

I love seeing him able to stand on both legs at the same time and at normal height and start to walk… like he SO wanted to. 

He’s barely sat down since we’ve been home. Standing as much as he can. 

I was warned that when he’s outside he has to wear shoes and I can’t put his foot next to anything printed.. because it will transfer. 

He’s acting like it’s been there all along. I think they might already be best friends. 

You can’t see the blue with stars very well because of the suspension sock. You can see a little sliver of it. The suspension sock will go away once he gets older and stops crawling.


Until next time! 


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